Man, is it December already? What a busy last few months its been, and I actually haven't been doing much other than just rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. 

Putting on a live show to music that should be played by about 2-3 people minimum, and doing it all solo is quite the undertaking and has taken a lot of practice, as well as back and forth, trouble shooting, re-mastering backing tracks, and one small detail of actually learning how to become competent on two instruments I've never played before now (Bass guitar and keyboard). 

With that, I have a few sets ready to go and will be doing a few one-off shows to work out the rest of the kinks. Over the next few weeks my team and I will be busy getting all the visuals ready since they are a key element to the live show. We wanted to do both visuals and a banging light show, however I'll be traveling solo in most cases so any crew, Light/visual directors will have to come at a later date. 

With that, I can't wait to announce a few show dates for the first of the year so you can come out and see everything live. Not to mention I'll be opening for myself with a live soundtrack to a short silent film from the 1920's. (not sure if opening up for ones self is a thing, but I'm doing it anyways). 

Happy Weekend! 

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