NEW SINGLE: "Barium Springs." Off the upcoming EP

I put myself into a very creative zone it seems following all the madness from Firefly last week. I had a couple new vLOGs to edit and upload so I needed new tracks to go with each video and I started picturing a very dramatic build up to a clip/scene I (no surprise) didn't actually film. The results however is a very big sound to a downtempo track that I very much look forward to performing live. The name is sort of random, there was a metalcore band I saw live ages ago (likely disbanded by now) named Barium. Then there is a place I drive by when passing through North Carolina called Barium Springs. So there you go. I'm pretty excited to possibly make a cool music video for this track as it really generates a lot of visual emotion in my head. Barium is commonly used to make the color green is fireworks so time to visit TN or SC to buy some of the good stuff ;-) That will have to come after I finish the EP of corse. 

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